ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

2-3-4 november in Breda, The Netherlands


This three-day training is the continuation of the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA training.

The basic knowledge gained with the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA is deepened during this training.


You deepen your Theta brainwave state and let go of rejections, regrets and resentment which provides more clarity and awareness in your life. A next level on your journey to psychic healing, emotional well-being and spiritual awakening.


What you will learn during the training:

  • The deeper meaning of the seven layers of Existence, our physical body and soil

  • Advanced creation of feelings

  • Advanced digging for beliefs and fears

  • Hundreds of new feelings and emotions

  • How to live without negative feelings

  • Letting go and resolving rejection, resentment and regret

  • Connecting to the seven layers of existence through the Source of all that is

  • Connecting with plants and minerals

  • Let go of free-flying memories

  • Clearing and faith work on non - organic matter

  • Letting go of old anger, hate, grief and pain Old oaths, vows, promises and obligations that keep you from living your life out of joy

  • Healing of the "baby in the womb" 

  • Healing of the "broken heart "through sound

  • Healing of the "broken soul" and Soul fragments

  • and much more...


Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA


the book Thetahealing® Advanced DNA by Vianna Stibal and Manual
Personal investment € 499


Een super interessante en verdiepende Opleiding, die wordt gegeven door een ervaren teacher vol passie.

Ervaringen cursisten

Wederom een groot cadeau voor een onbezorgde toekomst. Ik kijk er naar uit om er mee aan de slag te gaan samen met mijn studiegenootje.

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