ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

11-12-13 march & 17-18-19 may online via zoom ams time zone 9-15


This three-day training is the continuation of the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA training.

The basic knowledge gained with the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA is deepened during this training.


You deepen your Theta brainwave state and let go of rejections, regrets and resentment which provides more clarity and awareness in your life. A next level on your journey to psychic healing, emotional well-being and spiritual awakening.


What you will learn during the training:

  • The deeper meaning of the seven layers of Existence, our physical body and soil

  • Advanced creation of feelings

  • Advanced digging for beliefs and fears

  • Hundreds of new feelings and emotions

  • How to live without negative feelings

  • Letting go and resolving rejection, resentment and regret

  • Connecting to the seven layers of existence through the Source of all that is

  • Connecting with plants and minerals

  • Let go of free-flying memories

  • Clearing and faith work on non - organic matter

  • Letting go of old anger, hate, grief and pain Old oaths, vows, promises and obligations that keep you from living your life out of joy

  • Healing of the "baby in the womb" 

  • Healing of the "broken heart "through sound

  • Healing of the "broken soul" and Soul fragments

  • and much more...


Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA


the book Thetahealing® Advanced DNA by Vianna Stibal and online Manual
Personal investment € 499


This course is super intersesting and you will dive deeper into the Thetahealing method. Martina is a teacher full of passion!


Againa a big present to work with in my daily life and I am looking fdorward to practice with my other collegues.