ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Online Seminar

Dig Deeper is the two-day course in which Digging what you have learned in the Basic and  Advanced Thetahealing® Training Courses will further deepen.

Dig Deeper is essential to get to the heart of any problem.

What you will learn during the seminar:

  • Learn 10 different ways of Digging

  • Learn a shortcut to get to the Core Belief Systems

  • Learn to identify key beliefs and 10 different ways to change them

  • Learn to focus even better

  • Be more confident in Digging and get to the Core Beliefs

  • Experience that your sessions will be even faster

  • Help several people more easily and in a shorter time!

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced Practioner


Thetahealing® Digging for Beliefs by Vianna Stibal Book
and Online Manual

Personal investment € 499