ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

10-11 june online via zoom ams time zone 9 - 15

Dig Deeper is the two-day course in which Digging what you have learned in the Basic and Advanced Thetahealing Training Courses will further deepen.

Your skills will be increased and improved, because you know how to ask the right questions!


Dig Deeper is essential to get to the heart of any problem.

What you will learn during the training:


  • You learn 10 different ways of digging

  • You learn a shortcut to get to the key belief system

  • You will learn to identify key beliefs and 10 different ways to change them

  • You learn to focus even better

  • Your confidence in digging and easily and effortlessly with the key belief increases

  • You will experience that your sessions will be even faster and you can help several people more easily and in a shorter time!

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basis DNA & Advanced DNA



  • The book Thetahealing® Digging for Beliefs  Vianna Stibal and manual

  • Personal investment € 499


Two fantastic, educational and sometimes tough training days Dig Deeper followed with a passionate Martina.





I was able to tidy up a lot and got new insights into my / my life.





It was fantastic, inspiring, intense and liberating. What a gift Martina, thank you!