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It's time to claim your Soul’s True Calling, 
Radically Love Yourself and Live a truly Fulfilled Life

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 The Magnetic Soul Liberation Program


This is for the woman who

Had a wakeup call and knows radical change is necessary
Is highly motivated and ready to do the work
Is done playing small

This is not for the woman who

Is still stuck in drama, blaming and victim mentally
Has to be motivated by someone else all the time
Has a severe illness or disease


Do You Ever Feel?

  Exhausted | Burned Out | Overwhelmed |  Lost & Stuck?
You know radical change is necessary, before it's too late?
Anxious you are running out of time and will give up upon your dreams?

In the shadow of your partner/ others with no time for yourself and fear of being visible?
Unfulfilled, though you have it all | Lack of Soul Purpose | Stuck in the How?

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Master Intuitive Energy Healer, Martina Mezzetti, 
is passionate to empower and inspire visionary women, like you, who know they have something great inside
and know that they are destined for more


This is a deep Soul-Led journey of transformation to uncover Your authentic Soul's Calling
and start listening to the whispers within.
So that you put yourself first, set your boundaries, increase your self-worth and live in alignment
with your Soul's purpose.

This is an invitation to those who have the desire to conquer the world with their Soul's Purpose.

I Know How You Feel

I was there once; struggling, overwhelmed and overworked. Sacrificing myself for my partner and family.
I stood in their shadow, didn’t know who I was or wanted with my life, but I knew deep down I was meant for more.

I felt the pull, the calling towards greatness. I knew I had so much to offer, so much more then I was showing to the world. I wasn’t showing up and sharing my gifts.

Instead my life was living me, full of distractions and suppressing the deep calling within. And I was full of fears and anxiety, because I had no idea how to change this all. I was stuck in the how big time!

This is what happened; I had the awakening, the wakeup call. I was 26 burned out, not able to work and weight only 49 kilo’s. I realized radical change was necessary, before it was too late and I would give up upon my dreams.




  The First Step was Reaching out

and ask for support to work on my mindset regarding self-respect and self-worthiness. I started daily meditations and journaling to practice selflove, feeling more aligned, more present in my body and increase clarity on my dreams.

The Second Step was radically

starting to take care of myself and my needs. I worked on my boundaries, saying no and more YES to myself. I claimed more time for myself to be able to start with a simple morning routine. I wanted to stay focused, motivated and giving my body the exercise it needed. It gave me a calmer mind and relaxer body.

The Final Thing Was Doing more

and more what I loved, what excited me, where I was deeply passionate about and what fueled my energy; energy healing and coaching! I attended lots of courses and seminars to increase and develop my abilities and skills. I came out of my spiritual closet, stepped out of my comfort zone and started my online healing and coaching business.

As a Result of this I have created this 3 month program for you


I would love to empower and inspire visionary women,

who know they have something great inside

and know they are destined for more.

This Is Your Invitation To Join Me




Liberation Program  

The Method


Clarity regarding your Soul's Purpose and to start expressing your Calling Accelerating growth with Mindset re-programming

Release dysfunctional and limiting beliefs 

Start living an authentic fulfilled life that excites you and you are deeply passionate about


Shifting from feeling unworthy & fearful to passionate, excited and confident

Get clarity how to increase your selflove

Embracing putting yourself first and have more free self-time

Increase your abundance in all areas of your life



Shifting the "sacrificing yourself" story to the Inspirational Visionary

Ready to inspire and conquer the world with your amazing gifts and live your dreams 

Healthy boundary setting and increase your self-respect

Listens to whispers within and act upon it
Free from pleasing and sacrificing energy


Imagine Yourself

 Knowing who you are, Unapologetically you and so ready to start living your Soul’s calling 

Ready to conquer the world which gives enlightned fulfillment

Receiving and making more money through your Soul’s Purpose

Uplevel your selfcare, nurtured by self and others

More free time and abundance for yourself and your family

Becoming the Inspirational Visionary you were meant to be

Excited to wake up every day and passionate about living a fulfilled life

Confident about yourself, your vision and your action steps

Being visible with your gifts, truly authentic and grounded

Fully present in the now and touching hearts



  Why work with me?

I am an International Intuitive Energy Healer & Teacher and I have helped hundreds of woman evolve on their wellbeing path from children to animals. My ability to focus on the core blocks and realign you to your own wisdom makes working with me a fast track process that steps you into your Soul's Calling . I work fast and deeply to empower you while at the same time guiding you into alignment with your authentic and unique self. Expect tears, laughter, relief and deep awakenings  and shifts as we walk this path together into the magnetic you. Expect your life to realign to your Soul's Calling so you can receive the fulfillment, abundance, passion and excitement your deserve.

As a Master Intuitive Energy Healer with over 8 years experience I have consistently brought results to my clients:


  • I have helped women to connect and realign to what they truly desired in their lives 
  • I have healed anxiety and depression issues so women could finally step up to start living their lives
  • I have helped women step into their self worth so they can start their soul-led business
  • I have helped women releasing and shifting trauma to have healthy relationships 
  • I have helped women overcome depression and start living abundant and fulfilled life
  • I have guided women to connect to their Soul and live life guided by their Souls and tap into their infinite wisdom and intelligence to make self-cherishing decisions
  • I have guided mothers out of the shadow of their family and start to prioritize themselves
  • I have helped heal women to overcome unworthiness and build a profitable business
  • I taught women to make of their hobby a mission which gave them more abundance and money than they ever could have imagined


Apply Now!

The Time is Now WHAT'S NEXT

If you are ready to heal, shift and claim your authentic Soul-Led life and be excited and become passionate about your life again.
If you are ready to unapologetically claim your Soul's Calling to birth your creative gifts and touch hearts.
If you are done with feeling lost and stuck in the how, and you’re highly motivated to express your true voice.
If you are ready to say goodbye to unworthyness, self-doubt, distractions and fear.
Then I am ready to hold the loving space for you for transformations.
  Fill out the application form and let's start!  

The Inspirational Visionary within is waiting for you.


Succes Stories


After three months of co-creating with Martina I feel like REBORN. I have learned how to prioritize myself instead of always saying yes to others and no to myself. I have now a daily self-care routine, which helps me to stay balanced and aligned.
My hobby of yoga became my work, I am so passionate about this and everyday I wake up excited!

This program is so powerful and empowering and I highly recommend it!


This Program brought me shifts and awakenings which I never imagined they were possible for me. I was able to fully release being and feeling like a victim and to be unavailable for drama!
I step up for myself and my values. No more bullshit and sacrifycing myself.

I feel deeply connected to my Soul, worthy of abundance and I have so much free time for myself and my partner now!


Layer by layer Martina has supported and guided me to really connect and align to my sovereign core being and I feel mentally stronger than ever before now!

I have learned to slow down, become present and really honour and listen to my bodies wisdom!

And most of all prioritize myself and set healthy boundaries to become more and more myself.
I am so grateful for all the breakthroughs I have experienced!