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The Divine Soul Rebel Podcast  

A Divine Soul Rebel freely unapologetically expresses herself.
She thrives by authenticity, freedom, love, joy, compassion and abundance in all she is and does.

In this monthly podcast Martina & Elisabeth share their voices
and experiences with their Divine Soul Rebel Sisters.

To bring clarity, fun, lightness, teachings and empowerment
from their individual journeys.

Elisabeth as a holistic singing pedagogue, mystic, energy healer,
and a feminine leadership coach.
Martina as a Master Energy Healer & Teacher, Feminine Embodiment coach and soon to be Medical Intuitive.

Every month a new episode...
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Episode #1 Core Faith

The essence of Soul Led Leadership is faith.
Faith in yourself is so essential in everything you do and regarding your wheel of life.

In this podcast Martina Mezzetti & Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain are going to explore this from their own journeys and experiences.

The framework we are going to use and discuss more into depth contain these 5 pillars;Connecting to your core faith
Allowing your core faith
Claiming your core faith
Birthing into your core faith
Aligned Actions from your core faith

Why is core faith so important to embody and necessary to create your manifestations into physical reality ?
Join Martina & Elisabeth in their monthly podcasts.

Episode #2 Birthing into You

This podcast is about Birthing into You. Martina & Elisabeth will explore and discuss this amazing journey with many layers. What is Birthing into You? How do you do this, and why is it so important for you as a Divine Sacred Rebel ?

Light coded invocation’s, self-love, support, boundaries, clear communication, expressing yourself, meltdowns...
you will all here it pass by.

And as well Card 26 from the Kuan Yin Orcle card desk. The Shining Lotus. "There are times when it makes sense to be discrete, until you find your inner strength so that you feel empowered enough to share your thoughts, feelings and beliefs without wavering, even in the face of challenge by another. At other times, we benefit ourselves and others by taking a risk and allowing the inner lotus blossom of our true Self to shine forth, for all to behold".

Download our free gift here, that will help you to purposefully Design your own Conscious Network.

Music created by Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain taken from her single ‘Heart Expansion’.

Episode #3 Speak your Truth

As a Divine Sacred Rebel you are owning up to your unique being. Which means you will always bring something forward that will be different from everybody else. It's flavoured with your own colors, scent, and unique point of view.

In this 3th Divine Rebel Podcast we are sharing the foundations that are needed to enhance harmony and creation by speaking your truth. Leaving behind the ideas, the beliefs, that speaking your truth will create separation, trouble, chaos, drama, and conflicts.

Martina and Elisabeth openly discuss their experiences how beneficial speaking your truth can be. And what they needed to have in order to be able to do that and saying YES to themselves.

Episode #4 Saying Yes to Yourself

Elisabeth and Martina discuss in the #4th episode of the Divine Soul Rebel Podcast what “Saying Yes to Yourself” means for them.

What does is mean if you say yes to yourself. How do you deal with the discomfort of staying true to our own voice and staying firm within your own energy when the world around us expects us to adjust ourselves and be accommodating to their needs?

And what do you win by it, why is it so valuable to choose yourself?

We share how it all works out in our own life and we share ways that might help you too, especially to connect to your core being.

It’s a lively discussion about how saying Yes to ourselves plays out in expressing, in communication, in embodiment, grounding, boundaries, honoring, allowing, and receiving.


Episode #5 Calling back the Goddess

This #5th episode of the Divine Soul Rebel Podcast is going deep. It’s the first episode of Martina and Elisabeth bringing in the topic of the life-force of their inner Goddesses.

A vulnerable, open, honest and sometimes giggly conversation about the need for (self) "gardening", hello Queen Charlotte, the deep pleasure and the desire that is part of our nature as a Goddess, our feminine energy, and the creatrix-, and nurturing gifts we all have as women.

Do you recognise the cultural differences, the rage, the need to express yourselves fully with ALL that you truly are, without guilt, ego, and pleasing behaviour?

Join us Divine Rebel Sister and let us know what you think...

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