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I had a healing session with Martina.

To be able to deal better with my the pain in knee, which has been deformed after a horse riding accident. I felt extremely supported through the process. I was impressed at how quickly she managed to uncover some deep belief related issues with me. I made a few shifts in my belief system. Which have amazingly translated to my physical ability to work with the pain. It doesn’t overpower me anymore the way it used to. I’d highly recommend Martina. Anyone who is looking to do some solid work around shifting beliefs and mindset. 

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I highly recommend sessions with Martina!
The way she works by using her pshycic gifts is warm and authenic.

I was able to transform together with Martina a lot of subsconcious beliefs. They were not serving me anymore, fears and being chronically fatigued.

Now I am truly able to live from my core and radiate my light into this world.



I have done two sessions with Martina and both sessions were incredibly special.

Both times I noticed that something was already started before the session.

Martina helps me very well to clarify, understand and solve things.

All of this led to enlightenment both times!

I see her as a coach who (literally) takes me by the hand in a loving way and guides me through certain processes.
I am already looking forward to my next session!



Martina is a great Thetahealer and has a sparkling personality that immediately makes you feel good.Even if you have an online session, she makes sure that the healing is really tuned to you and follows the radars of your brain and energy to find out what is the real cause of your blockage.Martina has the combination of 2 things that together I really appreciate: depth and humor!Her smile during a session alone has a healing and motivating effect.Thanks to the process she has stimulated in me, one of my most important and many years of riddles and blocks has now been cleared up!Martina has the gift of making heavy subjects feel light. Her enthusiasm ensures that you know that everything will always be fine. I would highly recommend her!

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Martina really surprised me how good she is as a healer also because I had never spoken to her before. I did the session ONLINE and I highly recommend her service.



Martina is an amazing coach and healer. She's always spot on in what I feel and am going through...and also sometimes has to stretch my emotional comfort zone a bit to get to the next level of self reflection :). She has helped me a lot, and has also done healing sessions with my dogs and horses. I would thoroughly recommend booking in a session with her. 



We adopted Taffy from Roemenia.When we would walk her she could be aggressive to unknown men and barking to other dogs.After one session we saw an immediate improvement of Taffy's previous behaviour.She is know really calm and relaxed!while an unknown waiter has given her some water.

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Very special to experience what I was able to work on in a session with Martina and how this already appears to have an effect on other parts, where there is still charge. Although I feel that I am not there yet, I dare to trust that those parts may still be released and illuminated!

When you asked me to share my experience, it turned out to be less easy than I thought. Kind of a thing for me ... out of nowhere my fear of failure, of having to do everything flawlessly and perfectly, just came around the corner. Although we are not on here yet worked, strangely enough I noticed that I could stay out of my emotions. I didn't panic and didn't feel any pressure, just the realization that this is it and so at first I thought I couldn't find the words. The words didn't come out all of a sudden, but there was movement and I could keep relaxing and let it get over me.

I dared to let the process be the process. After my first healing that is my biggest gain; RELAXATION! I feel relaxed within myself both physically and mentally; a tension has finally disappeared that I already carried with me afterwards from the womb. What peace that gives!

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It is so beautiful and valuable what Martina showed and how it made me feel, where she led me to, and what we have healed.

The BASIC course was impressive. Very special. Very nice "life material".

In addition, a polyp in my throat that has been palpable for 8 years has been "gone" from the second day of the course.
The painful pressure deep inside my ear for years has also left!
For a long time I had the idea that these two sore spots were related, connected, but doctors dismissed that idea. 
I had to learn to live with the polyp, it was not malignant and I only had to have the ear ejected every now and then ...

And then, a week ago today, "something happened to me."
Then I "just" went from the theta state of being there together with Martina. To where my brain has connected things, from the past and even further past… and I can see and feel how the pains are also linked to that.
Pretty soon after, I experienced "movement" in my ear, a kind of warmth. And my throat feels so calm that when I swallow I do not feel "that place". At first, I was afraid that it would turn out not to be true… that I invented it. But it is still the case at night. And the next morning I took a few extra times to check…. It is still the case, I feel "nothing". In the days after that I kept"checking" it :-) and then I could tell it with a certain pride to friends and I realize more and more that it is really true, that it is really true, it's gone !!!

Martina, every cell in my body says thanks!


The Basic DNA course was awesome!

I was very much wondering about the whole Creator of all thing - is this a religious thing! But it's absolutely not - it's what you make of it..." Be the master of your own feelings, beliefs and physical body".

I always feel a very strong connection through energy with the horses that I work with, which is the main reason why I wanted to explore "energy connection and healing" on a bigger scale and how it works.

It took me and a group of wonderful women on an amazing path together over the last 6 months. As a group we had many wonderful online sessions together and due to the current travel restrictions,
I decided to do this online course with Martina, rather than waiting for us to be able to come together in the UK.


I've had an amazing 3 days with lots of insides and an even stronger
believe in the feeling and power of connecting through energy.





A while ago I got to know Martina because of my dog Floor. The first moment I spoke Martina on the phone I felt a deep connection, somthing I don't often experience. I love to be be coached by her regarding my wishes, desires and to create the life I want and to live even fuller.

I feel supported and guided in receiving wonderful healings.

Thank you dear Martina for your openess, honesty and purety!