Koptekst 6

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The Thetahealing technique offers you the possibility to go from your consciousnes to your subconscious and to make your subconscious conscious.


This from a Theta state of Being and being connected to Source energy.


Memories and sensations can easily reach the surface to be changed, where necessary, so that well-being, joy, abundance is experienced again.


The great thing is that changes take place at the cellular level! History is being rewritten!


The great thing about the Theta healing technique is that we assume that every problem has the solution already within!


Without judgment or condemnation it becomes clear what the underlying reason for our actions is and the subconscious bottom belief.


The insights obtained shows us that it is all about gaining experience in order to acquire properties and qualities!


All this means that you will experience that life is one big party because you will hang the garlands yourself!


A fantastic modality to experience through a personal session or to register for the DNA Basic training and from there to develop further regardless of race, color, faith or religion!

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