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Martina Mezzetti The Divine Rebels & The Journey to Radical Powerful Love


I am here for The Divine Rebels & Deeply connected to the Earth & Animals.
The Leaders and Visionaries who are able to tune into Radical Powerful Love with their own unique gifts and talents, in harmony, co-working & co-regulation with Mind, Body, Soul and Heart,
to raise their own frequency and simultaniously the collective conscious frequencies with 
Energy Healing & Nervous System Body Work.

You have been tru exactly those experiences to prepare you. I feel you.

This is my inviation to you. I am here when you are ready...

Are you looking for wisdom, clarity, answers, breakthroughs and inner peace?
You have everything already within you...I just support you to open the gates...

The past 30+ years I have become an expert in multiple disciplines
(Yoga, Thetahealing, Animal Communication & Healing) Feminine Embodiment & Nervous System/ Somatic) and supported hundreds of Divine Rebels & animals around the globe with my teachings, courses, consultations and meditations.

With my online consultations I use a variety of all that I have learned together with my psychic abilities to support you with physical, mental and body related challenges.



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Who is Martina

Born in beautiful Tuscany, Italy, raised in the Netherland as an only child. Together with my Soulmate Bart for the past 26 years and mother of three beautiful children; 17, 11, 9 years old and currently pregnant of a beautiful baby, living with our two Spanish Waterdogs in Panama City Panama. 

After the unconscious decision at 8 years old that I would live my life differently then my divorced parents, my life was quite a traumatic rollercoaster of experiences that only made me stronger, wiser, resilient, flexible, and deeply grateful for this life.

Learned the hard way that life is beautiful, limitless and we are always able to expand and grow more into our own and unique frequency. We are the Masters of our reality, mind, body and heart and are here to be guided by our Souls.

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