Master your thoughts...

We live in challening times and it affects us all on different levels.

It’s intense,

the energies are shifting big times,

retrogade planets,

full moons,

and a lot of us are now being confronted with deep old subconscious patterns and blocks,



old doors are closing,

new ones are opening.

What’s going on is really simple:

conscious evolution and conscious upgradings!

It’s like what worked for you in the past isn’t working any more in 2020.

It’s like loosing your old identity and not being sure who the new you is.

It’s like being a young child who is learning how to walk.

It can be scary

You can feel insecure


Doubts are triggered

And though you feel this is your path

Personally it started with me when my family in Italy were in lock down in march

I couldn’t visit them and my first response was fear, mostly because of my elderly grandfather

At that point I had a choice regarding my thoughts and feelings

I couldn’t change what was happening outside of me or how it affected my family, but I could control my thoughts and therefor my feelings

I could have chosen for fear

I could have chosen for anxiety

I could have chosen to feel miserable

Maybe you’re thinking now:” Do I have a choice“?

Yes, you always have a choice

That might be one of the most amazing qualities of being human

You can choose what you think,

how you feel,

what story you want to tell yourself and which of the stories you will believe

You are able to make a priority of how you feel each day,

retrain your brain and rewrite the stories you are telling yourself

You can’t change the outer world, but you can change how it affects it you,

in what degree or not affecting you at all.

To me that is the greatest challenge of these times we are living in, to feel and stay balanced, connected, healthy and with a positive mindset.

Therefor I am really conscious of what I read, watch and with whom I’m surrounding myself with!

Being really conscious of where you leak your energy!

Here are some tips to support you:

1) meditate every morning to feel and be centered, set you intention for the day and surrender to universal guidance

check my morning meditation

2) take at least three times a day a few minutes for yourself to observe how you are doing, feeling, breath consciously and what you can do now to support yourself

3) journal at least 10 positive things of yourself and your day each day,

this helps you to connect to abundance and being gratefull for what’s already there.

It helps you as well to stay on track and read it back whenever things are not going smooth

4) do what you makes you smile, what fulfills you within, what makes you happy,

because you are worthy and deserving yourself.

Everyday you have a choice how to live your life.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your tomorrow.

So make it a good one.

For more spiritual self help tips, support, inspiration and meditation check: &

You are a Magical Creator and can do Magical Things 💗

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