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Radical Powerful Love Meditations

Day 1: Slow down | Presence | Unique Blueprint & Frequency
Practice: Radiate your LOVE outwards and practice expanding outwards

Day 2: Forgiveness | Resentment | Rejection | Regret | Show up | Say Yes
Practice: Showing up for You & Saying Yes to you and your body

Day 3: What to let go & Baby in Womb Healing
Practice: Release & Heal the inner baby through this healing

Day 4: Worthiness & Being your own Soulmate
Practice: Being present with you, allowing feelings of worthiness and Radically Love Yourself deeply

Day 5: Why Radical (self) destructiveness
Practice: Allowing more Love into your shadows & dominating masculine energy

Day 6: (Re) Align & (Re) Connect to Radical Powerful Love
Practice: How to Re-align & Re-connect

Day 7: Co-create, co-work, co-operate
Practice: To what do you need to connect in order to release ?
To what do do you need to awaken to sense liberation ?
What do you need to claim in order to become ?
What do you need to illuminate to start blossoming ?
What will your aligned actions be to become ?

Day 8: Radical Powerful Love & Soul
Practice: Align Heart & Soul to Radical Powerful Love

Day 9: Embodiment
Practice: What do you want to embody ?
What do you want to become ?
Who do you want to become ?
What do you need to release in order to become ?

Day 10: Falling in Love with you
Practice : Where can you choose more for Radical Powerful Love ?
In what situations ?
With whom ?
How can you do this ?