"Rewire your Brain with Ease and Grace" Mentor Traject




For a longer period of time you are willing to work on your subconscious beliefs that are blocking you and holding you back


For a period of 3 months up to a year


You are willing to invest in yourself


You will take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions


Between our sessions you keep working on yourself with meditations and excercises




Personal investment starts at €499



When you start a trajectory with Martina you come into contact with a very special and loving person of the purest form. She guides and supports you without any judgment.


During the entire process she is there for you unconditionally and will help you where she can.

It helps you understand why you feel what you feel and ensures that you see for yourself why you are now in this process.


At all time, she makes sure that you keep control of what happens in your life.

She shows you that you have a choice ... always ... I am very grateful for everything she has given me and showed me so that I could resolve old pain and give many things a place ...


Making Magic Happen? With Martina? ABSOLUTELY!