We carry the solution within ourselves for every challenge in our life


What you subconsciously believe and feel is reflected in your life.


I believe we are all magical creators of our own lives and can really do anything we want and wish.


From my own experience I know that resolving seemingly lasting blocks can go easily and effortlessly.


ThetaHealing® gave me deeper insights and I  many old beliefs I was able to transform permanently, because I consciously got clarity and insights why something was in my life!


I wish that liberation and the joy of what that inner growth offers to everybody!

In the past years I have supported many in solving blocks, negative beliefs, trauma and unhelpful patterns.


Customers feel trusted and at ease with me.

They appreciate my positivity, enthusiasm and commitment.

I hear that they experience hope and enlightenment and are happy with my enlightening guidance in the processes on their life path.


My mission is to contribute to connection: with yourself and with everything that surrounds you.


As a mentor and healer I guide you on the way to connect with your deep strength, who you really are in essence, your inner wisdom and your innate talents.


So that you remember how fantastic and limitless you are and that you are able to live from joy, your unique potential and your mission!

1 on 1 Session


My areas of expertise are:

  • emotional & trauma healing

  • spiritual awakening

  • life transformations

  • self sabotage

  • soul mission

  • animals

You can choose to book a single session of 60 or 90 minutes. Your personal investment is € 99 per hour.


The number of sessions required depends on your wishes and goals, but also on the nature and complexity of your problem.


Thetahealing sessions are intensively on a deep, emotional and spiritual level, so that fewer sessions are needed, because the effect and result of the sessions have an impact on your daily life. 


Mentor Trajectory


If you need more intensive, personal guidance and tailor-made support between sessions,

then I would like to invite you for an introduction to my mentoring process from three months to a year.

Growing up in a little vilage in Italy I was always outside, surrounded by pets and wild animals.

Without realising I was able to contact, connect and communicate easily with animals.

To connect better with your animal, learn their language and know what they are trying to tell you with their physical problems and behaviour challenges contact me.


Martina is a great Thetahealer and has a sparkling personality that immediately makes you feel good.

Even if you have an online session, she makes sure that the healing is really tuned to you and follows the radars of your brain and energy to find out what is the real cause of your blockage.

Martina has the combination of 2 things that together I really appreciate: depth and humor!
Her smile during a session alone has a healing and motivating effect.

Thanks to the process she has stimulated in me, one of my most important and many years of riddles and blocks has now been cleared up!

Martina has the gift of making heavy subjects feel light. Her enthusiasm ensures that you know that everything will always be fine. I would highly recommend her!



I just received a healing from Martina and I was amazed how easily she got to the core belief.
Trauma that I already had in the womb.

We went back to where I was born, and she made me feel loved, secure, and recognized.

Quite a few emotions arose and I cried a lot. Letting go of so much subconscious beliefs.

I feel different, I can be the light. It's great how she does this with a lot of love, dedication and skills.

Thank you Martina for bringing me a lot closer to myself and to be who I am supposed to be!


Very special to experience what I was able to work on in a session with Martina and how this already appears to have an effect on other parts, where there is still charge. Although I feel that I am not there yet, I dare to trust that those parts may still be released and illuminated!

When you asked me to share my experience, it turned out to be less easy than I thought. Kind of a thing for me ... out of nowhere my fear of failure, of having to do everything flawlessly and perfectly, just came around the corner. Although we are not on here yet worked, strangely enough I noticed that I could stay out of my emotions. I didn't panic and didn't feel any pressure, just the realization that this is it and so at first I thought I couldn't find the words. The words didn't come out all of a sudden, but there was movement and I could keep relaxing and let it get over me.

I dared to let the process be the process. After my first healing that is my biggest gain; RELAXATION! I feel relaxed within myself both physically and mentally; a tension has finally disappeared that I already carried with me afterwards from the womb. What peace that gives!