ThetaHealing® Manifestation & Abundance

1 & 2 july online via zoom ams time zone 9 - 15


During this training you will learn how to use the brainwave state of Theta in the highest and best way,
to assure yourself of success in all aspects and areas of your life.


What you will learn during the training:


  • manifesting in a Theta state making your manifestations about 80 to 90% more effective

  • you will find many deeply hidden blocks that are still between you and your dreams and goals

  • a fantastic questionnaire

  • dig deep to clear these blockages with the feelings and emotions that go with them, including the negative vibrational frequencies

  • how to set your intentions and make a Plan

  • Divine Timing

  • persevere and follow up on your ideas to experience success

  • charge objects with a purpose so that they work for you instead of against you

  • blocks on abundance are rarely about money

  • and much more...


Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper



Thetahealing® manual

Personal investment: € 499

Discover your pure potential and that you really are a Magic Creator and can create EVERYTHING in your life!