Magical Meditations

you are the magical creator of your life

Magical Meditations is a 7 day video series
7 days a MEDITATION on video (15 minutes) with Energy & Clearings and positive beliefs

Shift unconscious blocks, negative patterns, and beliefs quickly, easily and effortlessly, that are holding you back from being The Creator of your own life!

The meditations are given from the Theta Brain Wave State

By meditating regularly you will support this against stress and anxiety, it boosts your immune system, keeps your brain healthy, you experience more inner peace and a sense of relaxation, focus, creativity and well-being and well-being!

On a subconscious level you will experience deep, loving transformations, healing and shifts from within so that you reconnect with your inner strength, wisdom and intuition

Experience the power of these MEDITATIONS

What is covered

All-encompassing Unconditional Love
Self Esteem & Limits
Acceptance & Choice
Connection & Forgiveness
Inner Peace & Letting Go
In your Strength & your Unique

Are you ready?


I love them!

The first day was the most intense in terms of feeling.
After listening to the first meditation I was able to let go of a lot of sadness while listening to angel music. The meditation on boundaries helped me to apply for emergency shelter at my son's school.
Because I have finally recognized that I am doing violence to myself by working hard because of the crisis, helping M. (my son) with school and all other things and being an informal carer for my mother-in-law.

This was accompanied by the necessary resistance.
It took me almost a week to get to the point where I sent the application out.
And I found earlier this week that I felt guilty for doing that. Today (the third day of the emergency shelter this week) I have no more problems for the first time.
So I am really happy with your meditations and healings / downloads.