Where is your anchor ?

When you look into the definition of an anchor you will find;

1) A heavy object attached to a cable or chain and used to moor a ship to the sea bottom

2) An anchorman or anchorwoman.

3) The anchor as a symbol of hope.

4) A “spiritual anchor” is something that helps keep us grounded, connected to what matters most, and able to cope with the challenges that life brings. 

I will tell you how I had always felt the urge to look for the anchor outside of myself. Somehow I had not learned how to find it within and later I found I was scared to death to even connect within.

Since I was really young I was always observing why people were behaving they did. Why they were speaking, expressing, dressing, doing the way they did. Why some seem to be have an energy of happiness and others were struggling. Was this coincidence ?

It took me more then 30 years to feel and know the answers within. Some Soul’s chose challenging lives, with heartbreaks, hardships, losses and so much more. Other Soul’s just seem to fly through life. Why ? There are so many things I don’t have an answer for. And maybe as humankind we will never have an answer to them. Only God, the Universe, Source does.

And would knowing “the why” really make a difference ? Would the situation, circumstance or loss change ?

I always thought, that when I would know a reason for why something happened, it would be easier, but this is an illusion, because you will still have to deal with it.

So I did so many different colleges, courses, sessions, certification programs, and a lot of all sorts of selfhealing, spiritual, mindset, psychology, science, biography books, hoping to find my anchor and all the answers to the why’s.

 I learned a lot, all of these things gave me insights, awakenings and teachings. But mostly, it brought me home. Layers and layers were stripped of. It was intense, painful, lots of drama, confronting and it took time. All the outdated paradigms, identifications and masks came to the surface and it has been a journey.

What if this is part of being human in this reality. What if the journey is never ending? What if this is totally fine ?

Just coming home, being present in time and in self, returning to Radical Powerful Love and Light in everything you are and do.

The anchor within…in your heart…

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Ciao for now,
Xxx Martina