Unlock your Divine Rebel

Our Divine Rebel is our connection to Source, to God, to that essence within us of Unconditional Love, our Purpose, Our Mission, Our existance to live now on Planet earth with a deeper meaning.
And it's all about doing all of this in a feminine way.
It's about living a fulfilled life.
It's about recognizing the Amazing Creators we all are and are within.

I was born as a Rebel I always felt.
When it was time for me to be born I didn't want to get out, because I was really comfortable in there.
They decided it was time and they literally pushed me out.

And there I was. So sensitive and my rebel energy was fully awake.
Only the rebel energy within me was getting out in a masculine, fighting way which was truly not aligned to my Divine Rebel energy.
When something that was in my eyes not correct, I would step up. Screaming, like a boy and I would open my mond. I was a good curser too and using my fingers....
I could not handle injustice really well and therfor I created and attracted a lot of injustice sitations where I could step up. Regarding kids, animals etcetera... The only way I could do this was in a masculine way and it caused me so much energy and afterwards I felt drained and exhausted.

Untill I realized there was another way. A feminine way.
I could still step up, but by tuning in to my divine unique energy.
A more divine and gentle and kind way, that would give me energy and that was with ease and grace.
An embodied way. A controlled way instead of reacting just to react.

So this is for the changemakers. The faith bringers. The holistic therapists. The coaches. The healers. The witches...

Check my masterclass for a guided meditation to Unlock your Divine Rebel

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina