Tuning into your bodies wisdom

When your body starts aching or itching or complaining, it's communicating with you.
Your mind keeps on going and going, but a lot of the times or mind and body are not aligned.
We need to slow down and start listening to the wisdom of our physical body.

For years my mind ruled my body, it just needed to obey my mind.
Untill my body started aching more and more intense.
I can tell you...it does..over and over again untill you really start tuning into it.
It will scream if it needs, it can make you ill and severe disseases can be created when we refuse to listen or chose to stay unconscious and disconnected.

Tuning into your bodies wisdom will bring you;

- more self awareness
- instant insights, awakenings, releases and shifts
- a radical selfcare healthy practice
- selflove
- putting yourself first and prioritize ourselves
- cocreating with your body
- aligning your body, mind, heart and soul

This is a simple excercise you can do daily:
Make yourself comfortable and take some time and space for yourself where you can't be disturbed.
Start breathing in deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mind and close your eyes.
Breath in and with every exhalation you relax more and become more present in your body, your mind gets calmer.
Slow down your breath even more.
If for some reason you feel unsafe doing this...tell yourself you are safe. Safe in the here and the now. Safe where you are not. Tell yourself your physical body is safe.
That it's safe to slow down and relax.
More and more and more.
Start allowing yourself more and more to tune within.
Tune into the wisdom of your body.
How is your physical body doing?
What does it want to tell you, share with you, express through you.
Simply start communicating with it...

This might take some practice...

Check my live masterclass for more and deeper instructions...

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina