The Art of Honesty

Over a year ago an amazing lady and mother from Russia came into my life. For reasons I didn't understand back then, I felt curious. Something in me said, she could help me further on my path and she was the keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge.
Since reading the books of Anastacia years ago some inner connection to Russia, that has nothing to do with the current situation, got triggered and there was this amazing lady that showed up in my life.

Wow! If I had only known what was about to happen, I might have turned around and never met her again... (my ego talking:))

Only a month ago we had a chat about the origins of our Souls, and I got triggered. Some part in me wanted to test her if she had the same knowledge around this topic. This was the "competition" part in me, which I was ashamed of, not proud of, hiding and absolutely not willing to show at all...So I asked her, what her insights were.
And there I got it, crystal clear, with wisdom, intelligence and highly intuitive:
"Stop competing with me!"

You can imagine when a mask fells of and there is nowhere to run to, you have to be completely honest with yourself.
Though it felt embarrassing, discovered, a secret which was no longer a secret, vulnerable and I was a scared little baby again who could only cry...

With ease and grace, she unraveled the illusion of competition and even jealousy. Oh my...even when writing these words, I HATE them. The frequency, the memories, the loneliness...oh my...BIG things were triggered, and I did not feel ready at all...

Though things show up in our lives when it is the TIME, not when we feel ready, so you know!

So, I realized that this shadow part full of darkness has been like a red line through many lives and centuries. It has been a path my Soul knows too well. It has been a great inner motivation of challenging myself of becoming better and more excellent I what I do, how I think, behave and act...

Realizing we always have a choice, every day.
Realizing we have a free will, always.
Realizing we can choose differently than yesterday.

So, my friend, yes, she became a dear friend, gave me this greatest gift of Art of Honesty and truth. She helped me on my journey to Radical Powerful Love. The teachings will not always come as foreseen or wanted, but in unexpected and deep and profound ways.

This change is not easy, and it can feel you hit rock bottom. A certain death to rebirth.
To every time turn back to Radical Powerful Love. To welcome it more in everything that you are and do.

Now more than ever, is the time to strip outdated paradigms, to release the mud, all the layers which are not truly you, to become your SHINING and Brilliant Being. To start co-creating and co-working and co-operating with your Soul tribe and Soul sisters.

Chose the Light. Chose to Shine. Chose Brilliance.

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina