Stop pushing and pulling...

The more there is going on around us, even in the world,
the greater the tendency to do more ourselves,
to work harder,
and above all,
to keep going on,
like you have no choice, you just must!

What if we would stop and do nothing?
Only observing...

What if we would stop pushing and pulling to fix things...

There is so much going on in the world at the moment and you feel this,
it might feel it’s yours,
the resistance,
the fatigue,
the heaviness,
pushing through with a lot of masculine energy, instead of soft loving energy inwards.

Know you are not alone in your feelings,
I’m with you.

Last week I noticed I had ran from things I felt around me and the intense energies.
Occupying myself with things that needed to be done, I told myself.
It were old and deep subconscious surviving patterns, which I thought I had already dealt and resolved within.

It wasn’t the case,
so I followed the exact three steps I share further in this post.

Sometimes it seems easier and we feel more comfortable in running than to stand still and be still in ourselves for a while.

To not look within with self-reflection,
to feel what is there,
with no judgment and kindness towards our selves.

To choose for joy and abundance no matter the outer circumstances is for some of us a big challenge and we run and keep running...
That’s what we know, which gives us the illusion of safety and comfort...

But is this really safety and comfort?
Or is this what you are used to?

It could be scary and really uncomfortable to stop running and be still.
To find new ways/ habits of feeling safe and be comfortable.
Ways/ habits that lift you up, that are more positive and aligned with your true essence.

To truly feel and connect with what is within.
I find this is the only way to feel and be liberated and connect to who you are in essence.

Ask yourself the following questions:
What do I truly allow myself?
What do I truly need right now?
What can I do now to be still and reconnect to myself, joy and abundance?

What helps me over and over:

1) meditate
check here my morning meditation to source energy to start my day in and with alignment and focus op what I truly want...

2) focus and do what makes you happy;
dance, read that book you wanted to read for ages, take a bath,
it doesn’t matter what it is if it makes you happy and joyful

3) do less
It’s that simple and focus on deep breathing

PS To support you during this times I have an mp3 meditation album with
1001 empowering & positive beliefs about Balance. Listen to them here for free.
You only have to make yourself comfortable and say YES to receive the beliefs instantly into your cells, so your cells know how this feels.
Some fall asleep and that's totally fine, your subconscious hears everything:)

PS2 This Thursday I'll start with FB Lives & Insta Lives at 20 pm ams time about this subject with meditations, energy clearings & healings.

xxx Martina,