Steady in motion...

Recently I have started with a mentor learning more about Methaphysics. I am always curious to different ways and modalities of learning. Sometimes it’s more about un-learning than indeed learning new things, because everything is already there if you know how to tap into that…but this is for a different blog… 

While I joined my mentor in a weekly meditation she offers online I was on the road with my family. 

The road was bumpy and lots of new things came by. I can only remember one thing of the meditation and that was:” Steady in motion”. 

For the entire meditation I was only focused on my breath and these three words…Steady in motion.
Steady to me means: calmness, balance, connection , safety, flexibility.
In motion: moving forwards, learning, growth, expanding, movement. 

I always found it quite challenging to balance steadiness and motion at the same time. It was like or steadiness or motion. I couldn’t figure out for a longer period of time to have, feel and do both… 

And yet it was so simple…ofcourse…we make things so much more complicated then necessary.  

Again Steady In Motion… 

In the car with my family. 

I went into deep meditation, sat straight, eyes closed, moving gently with the bumps on the road and felt so steady while literally be in motion. 

We often feel we are not in motion or growing or expanding when nothing happens. Like an ocean with gentle waves. Though every moment something happens. It might not be what we expect or what we connect to motion, though there is only one now. 

Sometimes motion can feel scary, we could feel resistance, unsafe, out of our comfortzone or whatever, but if we can truly practice steadiness in whatever situation and most of all in all circumstances no matter who is around us, outer circumstances become less important and with less impact in how we feel. 

So I would like to invite you as well to start with this mantra: I am steady in motion 

I am steady in motion 

I am steady in motion 

Feel how your body becomes totally relaxed the more times you repeat it. 
Feel how your breathing in becomes really deep and how your breathing out becomes really slow.
Feel how your heart beat becomes really steady and calm.
Feel strong, empowered, joyful, balanced… 


Ciao for now,