Parasites, lower my expectations and adapting...

Parasites, lower my expectations and adapting...

The first weeks after emigrating to Panama were challenging and I was doubting if I would share it. It’s about parasites, lowering my expectations and adapting. 

After moving here the kids had still three weeks of holidays left. It was about getting used to the climate, decorating the house, exploring the area and just relax. 

It was hard. 

There was a lot of frustration, discussions, fights between the children and just being tired.
Releasing all emotions that were build up months before in The Netherlands.
Finally we arrived safely and with ease and grace in our new home country, including our dogs.
A new daily routine needed to be found. 

We all needed to find our own space here, taking our spaces and all in their own time and space. 

And then I got confronted first with Panamanian workmentality.
Used to how it works in Europe I was expecting they would come and do the job when agreed.
They rarely show up on time, hours later or even another day without any communication…
What I didn’t know at that time is that when it rains all outside work stops.
And again with no communication. 

I got annoyed, upset and angry, but it didn’t help.
Big time learning experience in keeping my patience and remain calm and accept that being a woman is still being seen differently then a man. 

Oh boy…I couldn’t sleep because of a few incidents where working people did a really bad job, where saying they were ill and in the meantime painting another house for example. 

I took it personal and this kind of people have a parasitic energy that sucks you dry if you don’t step up and set your boundaries. So I needed to get rid of this energies in my new life and needed to let go of the working people. 

When you have people around you that suck you dry or literally parasites in or on your body you have to work on:
- boundaries
- saying no
- selfrespect
- claiming your space
- selfworthy issues 

Boundaries: In what way do you set boundaries to yourself and others or why not? 

Saying no: How often do you say “yes” while you feel a “no”? 

Selfrespect: How much do you love and other yourself, your values and boundaries? 

Claiming your space: Do you make yourself smaller and pleasing others? 

Selfworthy issues: In what way are you still attracting drama, conflict and confrontations?

How often do others mirror negative, rude, judgmental or just bad behavior towards you? 

I worked on above topics and act upon it afterwards:)

Then all my three kids came home with headlice. Because of the heath and humidity it exploded rapidly and the Panamanian headlice shampoos and lotions weren’t working, natural stuff didn’t work so I kammed hairs for weeks. 

And I got it…my kids were in a total new environment and therefor more vulnerable.
At one point I said to them: “What do you need to get rid of the lice?” 

They responded differently at first… 

1) Kammed the hair so much that they were gone in days and went to the hairdresser to thinner and shorten the hair. 
2) Was so interested in the lice that a loop was taken and all lice were counted.
3) Ashamed and didn’t want to go to school. 

We have now accepted that they will come and go and all emotions are allowed to be there… 

And it makes on the other hand so much sense regarding emigrating to another country and a total different life and lifestyle for all of us… 

What are your challenges regarding parasites and/ or parasitic energies? 

Ciao for now…