My dog who just ate my recent planted coriander

Not so long ago I was reading about the health benefits of Coriander and I got intrigued. As part of my journey to Radical Powerful Love in everything I am and do I felt I asked for natural remedies regarding detoxing. From experiencing I know my body doesn't do well with big changes regarding changing my food, so I felt it was important to take it slow. Coriander came to mind and I love coriander!

So when I bought fresh coriander with the roots I decided to plant the roots back again in a pot, to regrow fresh coriander. While I was imagining the newly planted coriander grew bigger and bigger I saw one of my dogs eating the planted roots.

I have been working with animals for about a decade now and the way my dogs, for example, picked randomly (in my eyes) particular grass or plants while walking with them always made thinking.

They did that for a reason an not picked some random grass or plant. Somehow they knew they needed it. Instinctively.

Though only they knew in what way that particular plant, grass or herb would benefit them and I always let them, trusting their instincts.

So for a moment I was annoyed my dog ate all the planted coriander roots, but she reminded me of something we, human beings, might have forgotten: intuitive eating.

Years ago, I read about this as well in one of the books of Anastasia, by Vladimir Megre (going beyond disease);

“What, when and how much a person should eat — they are best answered by the individual’s own body. The sensations of hunger and thirst are designed to send a signal to each particular individual, indicating when he should take in food. This precise moment is the right one for each person.

“The world of technocracy, being incapable of affording each individual the opportunity of satisfying his hunger and thirst at the moment desired by his body, has tried to force him into its own schedule based on nothing but this world’s own helplessness, and then attempted to justify this compulsion in the name of some sort of ‘efficiency’.

“Just think: one person spends half the day sitting down, expending hardly any energy, while another exerts himself with some kind of physical labour, or simply runs and perspires all over, thereby using up many times more energy, and yet both are expected to eat at exactly the same time.

“A Man should take in food at the moment advised by his body, and there can be no other advisor. But eating under your world’s conditions this is practically impossible.

“What should one eat? The answer is: whatever is available at the moment — whatever is on hand, so to speak. The body itself will select what it needs.”

So what about us, in daily life. Do we eat when we feel hungry and what do we eat ? Do we eat what natural resources we have available or just what we bought at the (super) market ?
Or do we eat unconsciously ? Just because we need to eat.
Or do we crave things we know that are not healthy for us, we can't stop it, we blame ourselves for it and keep doing it anyway ?

So what you can do is start asking yourself simple questions about your relationship with food and what was thought and taught about food when you grew up ?

I don't like and love cooking, but I love eating. For years I wondered what created this almost resitance regarding cooking, which I did anyway, because I always wanted to provide my family with healthy food. Though there was no love...
I found out by (going back to the memory) watching my mom making dinner every night when growing up, it costed so much time! So I created a subconscious belief that cooking was a waste of time, which I could use for more important and mostly interesting things. As well this process was part of my journey to Radical Powerful Love. To love, nurture and feed my physical body. To slow down and allow time and space for the inner self through healthy food. To take this responsibilty as an action of deep Radical Powerful Love!

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Ciao for now,
xxx Martina