Healer Heal Thyself

Most of us, our born healers, without even being aware of it.
Signs that you are a healer:
- if you feel how others are feeling
- if random people start sharing their life stories with you
- if you are senstive/ intuitive and can easily get overwhelmed by energies
- if you enter a room and you can sense other people's energies
- if you chose a profession of giving/ taking care/ supporting others...
- if one of your senses or maybe more are really activited

Let me share with you how I found out that I am a healer.
When I was grwoing up, I could feel in my physical body, how others where feeling.
I felt when my mom's neck for example was stuck, when my teacher at school had challenges at home or whatever. For me this was completely normal and I didn't discussed it with others. And I soaked up so much energy and emotions of others, because deep down I wanted everyone to be happy around me.
So unconsciously I made commitment to help others, and even take on their shit upon me, without even being aware of it. And mostly my family members.

At one point all of those things became to much. I couldn't handle all those things in my tiny little body and I exploded to release everything that I took upon which was not mine.
It was all about learning what my boundaries where, saying no and discerning what was mine and was not.

And mostly that I was not able to support others if I was not doing well and if I didn't have healthy selfcare boundaries, right? Because if life in general is overwhelming to you it is not easy to live a healthy and happy life, without sacrificycing yourself or even pleasing others above your own boundaries.

It is about being there for ourselves, being able to receive and there has to be a balance between giving and receiving.

So I learned the hard way and starting with Thetahealing 8 years ago my life shifted big time.
I learned to discern what was my mine and what was not.
I learned to set my boundaries.
I learned how to turn my healing gifts into something positive that was working actually for me.
I learned to appreciate and love myself more.
I learned how to deeply meditate on a daily base to remain peaceful, balanced and calm within.
I learned how to tune into source and to hold a bigger container for myself and than for my family and than for others.

Ps. Watch my Masterclass where I guide you into meditation to support you.

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina