Heal your Heart and open up for infinite possibilities

When you are able to heal your heart, you will be able to align your heart and brain in a coherant way.
Our heart can be broken so many times; losing a loved one or a pet, breaking up, parents that were screaming at you when you were a child, when they stepped on  your soul and you felt like being broken into 1000 pieces.

Our heart can therfor shutdown, as a way of protection;
- no more pain
- no more heartbreaks
- no more vulnerability
It can feel dark, heavy, tight and not ready to open up, because it experienced pain when it was open in the past.

So what we actually start doing is living from a state of survival, survival mechanisms and postive coping mechanisms, without, most of the time, not even be aware of it at all. It just is.

Why it is so important to heal our heart(s) is because our heart is sending signals to our brain of danger. Of unsafety when we are repeating the past (survival) on a daily bases. Our brain than signals our nervous system that we have to run, flight, freeze or whatever, when this is not the case.
It's so so important we have those alarm buttons when we are actually in danger, but most of the time, we are not and we can simply let our body, heart, brain and nervous system think we are, just of thinking of the danger. How amazing is that?

So what we can do is teach our heart it is safe in the present moment, no matter what you have experienced in the past!
To heal, release, shift whatever is restored there and to continue to tell ourselves we are safe.
To open up for the love of ourselves, the love for life, the infinite wisdom and intelligence of our heart so we can rebuild the trust in ourselves and in our bodies and in our intuition.

Check my Masterclass around this topic and the guided meditation I made for you to Heal your Heart and teach yourself heart and brain coherance.