Fulfillment Versus Motherwounds

What do I mean by motherwounds?
I mean that as a child you could have felt ignored, maybe neglected, not heard, not seen.
Your nervous system has restored this in certain way, which could have created some wounds within. Wounds you are not aware of. Wounds that are still there as an adult and in some way serving you.

So when you go back to when you were a child, how was your relationship with your mother? How did you perceive your relationsship with her?

What kind of thoughts, feelings and emotions are stored within your body regarding your mother?

When your mother was for example in survival modus. Away a lot, because she was simply working to provide for a home and food. As a child you could have perceived this differently then now as an adult. It could have created a feeling of your mom not being there for you, not having time for or that other things were more important then you, because she was simply not at home!

How would it be if you would starting giving yourself energetically everything you needed as a child from your mother. Those things, feelings and emotions you were missing while growing up?

I can almost here you thinking:" Is that possible?"
Ofcourse it is...

So make yourself comfortable, sit down, close your eyes and hold your hand on your heart. Go back to when you where a child and your relationship with your mother.
Simply ask yourself:
- What did I mis?
- What do I need?
- How can I support myself?
- What can I do now as an adult self for my younger self?

Whatever pops up: Imagine that you are giving yourself this as child.
Use your breath to allow it more. Give yourself permission to do so.
You are so worthy of this.
Please take the time for this and start giving yourself everything you longed for, everthing that you wanted.

That you truly feel how motherlove feels, that you feel supported, guided, loved, honoured, cherished, nourished by your mother! 

Start the journey of selfhealing...

Ciao for now,
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