Fulfillment is Leading Yourself

Today I wanted to share more about Leading Yourself.
And then I got a message that the father of one of my girls friends just passed away.
So did I feel ready to continue with my daily actions of Leading Myself, showing up and being visible?
No I didn't! Just the conscious realisation that life could be over in a split second...

Everytime I am stepping up, my ego kicks in, the whispers that will make you have excuses, that will make you feeling small and so not ready...
Everytime they are there, so you know.

So what makes the difference is that they don't control you.
That your outer circumstances don't affect that you will Lead Yourself everyday.
To release judgments and expectations
That you will not give them permission to do so and take back control of yourself, how you feel, what you do and how you do it...

Is that easy? No, most of the times it isn't.
Leading Yourself means;

- healthy selfcare habits on a daily basis; being connected to your physical needs
- being able to set your boundaries; say no to others and yes to yourself
- self nourishment and prioritizing yourself; clear yes and no body responses
- being the captain of your own vessle and become the master; lead yourself
- slowing down; release the mascule energy of must and doing
- releasing the sacrificing ourselves and pleasing others; what makes you happy ?
- being led by your passion in a gentle, kind and femine way; your unique frequency
- release the fixing and start to allow and embracing all that you are; you are perfect
- stop comparing; you are you
- being realistic; we all have our shit going on

So what this is mostly about is how do you handle life and life experiences.
Do you act and react from freeze, flight, fear, suppressing, ignoring denying and surviving you or do you act and react as growing and evolving with everything that passes by.
This a choice, but we have to be aware of it to make the changes and choose differently.
We have to be aware of how our nervous system responds and start communicating with it. Tell it it's safe, we are safe and we can act and react differently now then we did in the past.

This is all about telling yourself a new story, rewire your brain and really stepping up for you! Being there for you, no matter what, in a supporting, loving, nourishing and cherishing way...Not just sometimes, but everyday, all days!

Ciao for now,
PS. Listen and watch my Masterclass about Fulfillment is Leading Yourself
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