Fulfillment is Feeling Instead of Fixing

Have you ever realised when you are setting your intentions, things actually starting to show up in your life?
So are you aware of this when you are setting your intentions?

This week a lot of old programs regarding fixing popped up.
Fixing means something is broken.
Fixing means something is imperfect.
Fixing is a form of control.
Fixing means something might is wrong with you.
Fixing means is focusing on an outcome or a goal.
Fixing is a must.

I found out that I had a big judgment regarding postive feelings and emotions and the negative ones. With the negative ones I had a big urge of just fixing them.
And when I found that I wasn't able to fix them, I would get numb, denying and suppressing the uncomfortable.
Just pretending it wasn't there, which ofcourse is an illusion and eventually doesn't resolve anything!

So how would it be if you started to feel within, as an adult, as a grown up, who can do this? Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable without having to fix anything?

You are already perfect.
You are allowed to feel without overwhelm.
You are allowed to be and feel safe when tuning in.
Your body is an amazing, wise, intelligent vessel which gives you all the answers when you ask the right questions.
You don't have to fix anything just feel.

So would you like to rewrite the story you tell yourself that it might be unsafe to feel.
To really start listening to yourself, asking your body what feels good and what doesn't and really acting upon that. respecting yourself and start creating healthy selfcare practices to honour all the feelings, emotions and wisdom of your body. 

No more judgment.
No more denying.
No more suppression.
No more destractions.
No more escapes.
Just be.

No more fixing. No more rushing. No more willpower. No more actions.
Just slow down. Connect within. Become present in the now and in your body.
On your time. On your pace.

So for how long have you forgetting your physical body.
To really start asking what it needs?
To really connect what is there?
In what body part?
How old is it?
Is it yours?
What does it want to teach you?
What is the wisdom within?

Know you are amazing! You are a brilliant magnificant Soul.
So how could you empower yourself now?
What kind of positive affirmation, mantra or energetic download do you need know?
What would support and guide you know?

Just tune ine...the answers are within...always...

Ciao for now,
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