Fulfillment is Dreaming

How would it be if you start on a regular basis tuning into your dreams, wishes and desires?
By making for example a simple "Desire List" , "Manifesting List" or Dream List.
It doesn't really matter how you call it or if you instead start journalling daily regarding your dreams, desires and wishes or make an amazing moodboard.

You want to do exactly that, that gets you in the excitement, the passion, the joy, abundance and gratitude when dreams come true!
The awe, the amazingness, the power, the unstoppable feeling, the focus and the positive energy that it gives!

What you would like is getting yourself in energetic alignment with the things your heart deeply desires. Expanding this energy. Believing, trusting, feeling in every cell all is possible and start acting upon that. Remember that what you give energy it will grow.

When practicing with this you can use different tools;

- Go into meditation and connect with your heart. Calm your mind with every inhalation and release and relax more with every exhalation. Tune deeper into the wisdom and intelligence of your heart and be available for knowing your dreams, wishes and desires. Tapping into the frequency that you already know.

It could be that a little whisper, feeling or thought pops up. You want to feed this and not get stuck in the "How", that is for a later stadium.

You want to explore your dream, wish or desire more.
How does it make you feel, do you feel restistance or joy?
Why do you desire, dream or wish for it?
What does it bring you?
What quality, virtue or life experience?
Is it truly yours?
Or is it something your partner, family, partner or society desires?
For how long has it been there?

Next thing you want to find out if there are any abundance blocks/ limiting beliefs regarding your dream, wish or desire.

You can ask yourself these questions;
- What if my dream came true today, how would I feel about that?
- How does my partner respond? My family? My friends?

You want to dive deeper if a block or limiting belief(s) pops up.
If it does;
- Ask yourself if this still serves you?
- Is there (still) a lesson to be learned to really act upon your wish, dream, desire?
- What holds you back and why?
- How old is this and is this mine, or is it my moms, my dads etc...

Ask yourself those questions without judgment of the need to fix it.
Just be open to get to know yourself better and to embrace all your feelings and emotions.

Another real cool and easy tool is muscle testing what they use in kinesiology.
You can look on google/ youtube for more instructions how to find subconscious beliefs.

After using the muscle testing you ask yourself the same questions as above.

If you are new in this process I would suggest not to do it alone, but asking support of someone who really is capable of holding space for you and guide you in this process, and has done "the work" herself.

Remember that you are a Magical Creator who can create, co-create and re-create everything you desire, dream of and wish for!

You know where to find if you need more support!

Ciao for now,
PS. Listen and watch my Masterclass about Fulfillment is Dreaming
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