Feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable in 8 simple steps

I was a big big expert in hiding, denying, escaping whatever uncomfortable was popping up within. And I was not even aware of it. It just was. I was just running a lot.
Let me tell you this is not the way and things will not go away untill you really start listening to the whispers within. Slowing down. And really get comfortable with the uncomfortable.
And you know: hiding, denying, escaping has a reason. Most of the time it's because we don't wanna go to the pain, the greef, whatever we experienced in the past. Mostly because in the past we not able to deal or handle with the uncomfortable, because we simply didn't have the consciousness, tools or knowledge to deal with it. But now, you are not the same person as you were back than, so keep this in mind please!

Let me give you some simple tools to support you.
8 simple steps.
This is not having to fix anything about you.
This is not about changing yourself.
It's simply about how to let the uncomfortable work for you.

Step 1)
Slow down and become present with the uncomfortable

Step 2)
Acknowledge/ See/ Hear the uncomfortable

Step 3)
Observe the emotion/ Tune into the emotion
Is it fear, anxiety, powerless, unsafety, not being good enough, vitim, sacrifycing/ pleasing energy?

Step 4)
Give the uncomfortable a name

Step 5)
Communicate with yourself that you are safe in the now, your body is safe, so your nervous system will not be alarmed that danger is on the corner
ps. Listen to my masterclass how to do this...

Step 6)
Create more clarity and awareness what the trigger for the emotion/ the uncomfortable to pop up
Was it something your read or saw, a song, a conversation, a noise or sound?

Step 7)
Observe why it showed up in your life? What is the message? What is the positive lesson about the emotion/ the uncomfortable?

Step 8)
What does your body need to start realeasing? What is an aligned action you can take and what your body requieres, whishes for....

Check my full masterclass about this topic...

Turn your wisdom into practice now!

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina