Connecting within while there is chaos around you

The past two weeks I experienced a severe laryngitis infection and the only thing my body wanted to do is sleep. I slept for days. I didn't feel like watching, reading or even do something besides sleeping.
So this was the ultimate learning experience of really Connecting within, within all the deep layers we are and have within our physical body.

Why you want to Connect within you might ask yourself right now?

Well because you are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
You are not your emotions.
You are even not your physical body.
You are so much more...

When you are able to really Connect within, you will start to experience a deep feeling and sense of peace, presence and power. So while the storms and chaos is around you, you will be able to obeserve, not react.
You will be able to remain connected to your core (divine being) with focus, clairity and calmness.

Sometimes your body helps you by connecting more within by an (intense) event, experience or illness. If you can see this a growing and learning experience to become fully present and connected within and to your physical body, which is the vessel, we got here on earth, you will give yourself and allow yourself the opportunity of getting to know yourself more.

Knowing more and have the right discernment what is actually yours.
What your thoughts are.
Your feelings and emotions.
Your unique frequency.
And eventually your divine you who is always there to support and guide you.

Dive deep within in this guided meditation and energy clearing and healing to support you in Connecting within. Check my masterclass.

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina