Birthing into your body

Only by Birthing into your Body you will be able to fully embody your Soul's Brilliance into this physical reality and tune into Radical Powerful Love, with every breath, thought, emotion and footstep you take.

Though many of us have never learned how to do that.
Many of our parents and grandparents and anchestors didn't know how to do that.
Many of us are not present in their bodies, because their is too much pain, hurt, greef, emotions, wounds and blocks with no clue how to cope with of all that.

And I got you.
I have been there.
And is has a reason!

I have seen so many alive now who are here to brake the chains.
Break the chains of karma.
Break the chains of family patterns.
Break the chains of the collective consciousness.
Break the chains of denying, suppressing, ignoring, belittling, running away, feeling unsafe, feeling uncomfortable, dis-respecting, dis-honoring etcetera ourselves to be able to Birth into your Body.

To be free.
To set yourself free.
To be yourself.
To become yourself.
To be really really present with mind, body, soul and heart.

Before you can do this you will have to start observing or tuning in what is going on with your body.
And this is a journey.
There is no quick fix.
And for everyone this journey is different, regarding time, depth and personal history.

For me yoga, meditation, nature and embodiment are the ways to observe and tune into my body.
To start the dialogue with my body.
There is so much wisdom, knowledge, lessons and teachings within!

Yoga support me in connecting on deeper level with my body so awareness can arise where there is a block, disbalance or restistance.
Meditation supports me to slow down, become more present and peaceful within.
Nature supports me with grounding, listening, becoming one and wondering.
Embodiment supports me in releasing all the popped up to re-align to my core being.

Have you thought about what works or worked for you to connect to your body ?

When communicating with my body (every organ and body system has it's own frequency, and you can literally talk to them) I will ask questions like:

How do I feel ?
How does my body feel ?
Where do I feel an issue (pain, hurt, ache, disbalance, block) in my body ?
What parts of me feel affected by this ?
How does this issue feel ?
Can I describe it more into depth ?
What does it look like ?
How this this make me feel inside ?
What would it say, if it had a voice ?
How would it move, if it could move ?
Are there emotions caught in this issue ?
Memories ?
Which part of my body wants to hold onto the issue and why ?
What does it need to release ?
Is it now ready to release ?
How does it want to release ?
What am I learning from this issue ?
What is the deeper wisdom, life lesson or teaching within the issue ?

Let me repeat again, all of this a journey.
The most beautiful, intense and rewarding journey you will be ever on.

Beautiful because you will strip layers and layers of what is not yours.
Release and shift outdated paradigms.
Getting to know your true, authentic and unique self more and more.

Intense, because you will have to face the fears, emotions, blocks, pain and wounds.
Trusting you are supported and guided by the Universe and if you are new to all of this, please reach out for support and don't do this journey alone and by yourself.

Rewarding because you will be aligned and connected to the amazing, brilliant, amazing being who you are. In tune with your core being. Unapologetically your authenic self with every breath, thought, emotion and footstep you take. Conscious, worthy, loving, present, peaceful and powerful.
Radiating & Shining your light.

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Ciao for now,
xxx Martina