Birthing into YOU by saying YES to Divine Guidance & Support


Birthing into yourself is a journey that has been going on since you were born.
I am not going to dive deeper into, when you were born, which lifetime you know...
Through upbringings, conditionings, experiences, genetics, beliefs and even more we can get distracted big time, and losing yourself, forgetting yourself, and losing track of our Sacred Divine Being.

I felt the older I got, the more I needed to un-learn, un-do and un-create of all those things that I learned & believed were true, because most wasn't mine.
It were my mother's thoughts, my fathers feelings, programs of my ancestors, the conditioning of the collective consciousness and a lot of energies from other people I have picked up upon as a healer & psychic.
The more I learned, the more it all became so simple, instead of hard, difficult and complicated.

Birthing yourself means, stripping of the layers & the mud and all written above to start Dating your Divine Soul. Releasing all outdated paradigms which are not truly you and not aligned to your unique frequency & blueprint. To start opening opening up to your Divine Soul. To allow your Divine Soul being part of you and your physical body. To let your Divine Soul's whispers guide you, inspire you and complete your whole being.

Let me explain this simple, easy, powerfull 3-step process;
So STEP ONE = 1 would be to start tuning in daily to the frequency of your Soul. To get to know your Soul. How it feels, how it vibrates, the frequency, maybe colors or light language. The gifts and talents and mostly the amazingness. This meditation connects you to your Soul; Soul Alignment Meditation
Let me tell you it is exciting, fun, really special, mindblowing and so awakening to start Dating your Divine Soul.

STEP TWO = 1 + 2 would be to shift from Dating to Bonding and to deepen the relationship with your Divine Soul. Step one will trigger everything that is not yours, so you will be able to shine your light more and more. To claim more and more of you. To embrace and embody YOU. To let go of that SHIT that holds you back, small, little, invisible, insecure, disbelieving, making up excuses...

Start JOURNALLING what your Soul wants to birth through you;
In what way? Is it singing, dancing, resting, dressing differently, speaking up more...
let it flow freely whatever pops up
How would you do this? Come up with clear Aligned Actions. Yes, you will have to come into action!
How would this feel? Allow the feelings and emotions that it will give you.
How can you expand these feelings? Be practical...breathing, touching, smiling more, shining?
What will you have to do more?
What will you have to let go?

STEP 3 = 1 + 2 + 3 is claiming your Divine Soul. Welcome your Divine Soul in everything your do. Ask your Divine Soul for support and guidance. Practice surrendering, allowing & receiving.
Sometimes it is as simple as just giving yourself the PERMISSION to do this. This is your Divine Soul. Your Divine Birthright and no one else's. Mantras will support you in this process. For example:
I am my Divine Soul
My Divine Soul guides me with every footstep I take.
Every day my Divine Soul is part of my entire being.
I claim my Divine Soul.
I give myself permission to live my daily life through my Soul.
Be creative in this process. There is no good or bad. There is no perfect or imperfect. This is about your Divine Soul which is amazing, brilliant and wise!

This process is for the Brave ones. The Divine Rebels. The visionairs. The Leaders. Earthkeepers & Lightworkers, because your life will change!
You will get clarity on your Divine Soul path with laserfocus.
You will become so strong, powerful, clear you do whatever it takes.
Your boundaries and self-care leaves no room for drama, excuses, conflicts and confrontations that will distract you.
You will flow, with ease and grace and tune into daily Sacred & Divine Inspirations.
You will create your own heaven on earth and will shine your light on others, to do the same.
You are grounded firmly with your roots into the earth and will be able to Create Miracles in your life.

And this is just the beginning...

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina