Birthing into spring

This time of the year (if you have seasons) the cycle started from moving inwards, outwards.

Flowers are popping up, longer light, birds singing and I hope you live there where the temperature is already rising…

My theme the past weeks have been: truth.

Seeking the truth in everything
Aligning with my truth
Connecting with my truth
Voicing my truth
Aligned truth actions
Showing up with my truth
Communicating my truth

Realizing this more and more this has always been my path. And I had some resistance from the inside and outside world the past 40 years.

The truth, seeing through veils and illusions, and the law of truth was always present, though I needed to learn not to do it in a not confronting way. Be silent sometimes. Connect to Radical Powerful Love instead of warrior energy…

Sometimes it was really lonely, and sometimes I was the only one seeing the truth.

It can be painful 
It can be confronting 
It can be not what you want

Though no one can tell you your truth
No one can claim your truth, besides you
No one can force their truth on you
No one can tell you the truth
No one can make you believe differently, unless you agree

Remember your Amazingness 
Remember when you tune into your truth you will get stronger and stronger 
It will empower you
Believe in yourself, knowing you can do anything

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina