Birthing into celebrating life

There is so so much too celebrate for many of us. Our homes, filled fridges, health, wellbeing, having a job, holidays, fresh air, running water, a washing machine, education, and I can go on and on…

Though how often do we celebrate life, simply because we can, without the need for a specific reason ?

For some it can be a daily struggle to see the “cup half full” instead of “half empty”.
Genes, beliefs, patterns, bringing up?
It can have so many reasons, why…

I have had this chat multiple times in the past 25 years with my husband. For him the “half full cup” comes easily, for me not. I need reminders, daily healthy practices, it simply costs me more effort, than that it comes naturally.

Our past can affect our biochemistry and the way we process, see, feel, interpretate and internally communicate and externally.

If you want to know more about just google “epigenetics”.

You can use this as an excuse not do to what it takes to take the effort and aligned actions, and rewire your brain, by intensive mindset retraining and creating new neurological pathways with for example hypnotherapy, thetahealing, RTT, EFT, embodiment, NLP etc.

When you dive deeper into this you will find the Amazingness and intelligence and resilience of our bodies and capabilities and capacities. It’s so cool, and we are extremely powerful beings, with a free will to choose and decide differently. Every day, not just sometimes!

There is so much knowledge, guidance and wisdom available, and for free!

So with this post I would like to invite you to start Celebrating Life, from today on, because you can.

See the good,
feel the good,
honor the good,
acknowledge the good,
hear the good, 
sense the good,
there is so much to be grateful of and that is more then worthy of celebrating.

Waking up every morning is something to celebrate, to start with😉

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina