Birthing into creating you

Birthing into creating you, might sound strange or weird or like "huh, what ?"
How are you able to birth into creating yourself, you are who you are, right ?
Though is this truly correct ?
Please give this some little food for thought...

Though most of us, have no conscious awareness who they truly are in their core being,
or who or what their Soul is...or desires...they might even question of they have a Soul or not, which of course is perfectly fine, if someone choses so.

We mostly know perfectly who we want to be, how our family wants us to be, society.
Or we live in our fantasy world full of illusions, masks and learnt behaviour, which is not truly us.
We may recognize some of the conditions, patterns, beliefs, programs how we were raised, sometimes consciously, but most of them are still unconscious, because they are so comfortable and known to us.

Do you get my point a little bit or maybe a lot ?

So birthing into creating yourself is all about the inner YES and No.
I have written more about this before in my blogs. This is about taking the time and the space for you.
To tune in to you, tune into your physical body.

Step 1
Observe how you and how your body is doing, how it feels and what it needs.
Your body will give you signals when it's a YES and a NO and then you can act upon it, though if you have ignored these signals for a long period, it make take you a little longer, to really start re-connecting back again.

Step 2
Connecting and aligning to that action that suits you. No size fits all...never...

Step 3
If you have challenges with Step 2 it might could be that there was not a lot of space, safety or a supporting environment, when you grew up. So this is all about knowing your identity. 
Who are you really ?
What do you like (=YES) ?
What don't you like (=NO) ?
What makes you happy and dance and sing ?
What makes you upset ?

These simple questions will support you more and more to connecting within and what you like.
You then might want to add the question: "why" ?

Why is it a YES and Why is it a NO, because you want to avoid that you a feel a NO, because you feel resistance or stress or start to worry. You then want to dive deeper if the YES and NO is truly you, and the truth or that it is a condition, a belief, or pattern you have been repeating for quite a long time...

This process of Birthing into creating you will be one of the most and beautiful things you can do for yourself. You will strip of layers and layers which are not truly yours. You will release outdated patterns, programs and conditions. You will say goodbye to beliefs that are not serving you.

Riding the waves of life with every breath, thought, emotion and footstep you take according your Divine Soul. You will be you. Free. Liberated. Empowered. Tuning into Radical Powerful Love.

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina