Birthing into the frequency of Surrender

Born as a Divine Rebel who thought for years that I was a Light Warrior, mixed up and intrepretated Surrendering as defeat. There was no single cell in my body who thinking about giving up or loosing.
This was simply no option, because surrendering and letting go of control meant literally death for me in a distorted way.

Control was a surviving mechanism, a positive coping strategy, the masculine energy that simply kept me alife, when things got taugh and there was no solution or escaping from.

So surrendering felt weak, scary, a-no-go, no option, hopeless, powerless, failing and being not good enough...

Was this the highest truth ?
Was this really correct ?

Now I know it came forth of my experiences, conditioning, beliefs, programs and I had looked through the lenses of all of this to myself, to life, to the frequency of Surrendering.

So what I have learned is that were multiple reasons of not being able to surrender for a reason. They were surving me, untill I didn't need them anymore and could think, feel and act differently.

So know what ever plays out in your life it is there for an important reason. A life lesson, the mastering of a virtue, wisdom to gain, a positive experience or teaching, below the surface, below what has been presententing itself as the "issue".

The issue is never the issue. There is always more to it.

The journey to Radical Powerful Love has been learning me to surrender. To surrender even a bit more. To sink into surrender. To allow surrender. To receive surrender. To flow with surrender. To embody surrender.

It's extremely powerful, because it will teach you how to trust yourself, how to trust your physical body, how to trust your path, how to trust your intuition, how to trust your feminine energy and wisdom, how to trust the Divine with and through peace and deep calmness.

To hear what wants to be heard.
To feel what wants to be feeled.
To sense what wants to be sensed.
To smell what wants to be smelled.
To see what wants to be seened.
To experience what wants to be experienced.

To allow the Divine, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the human angels to step in and support you.
To guide you to move forwards. To give directions and BIG BIG BIG support.
And as well to ask for that support of your family and loved ones, for you to be able to surrender more.

What has helped me big time are daily rituals and selfcare practices that support me to align and connect to my core being, Divine Rebel and Radical Powerful Love.
When truly aligned and connected it is so much easier to surrender, to trust and to go with the flow.

So my list might help you as well;
* Meditate the moment you open your eyes (explore here different meditations)
or you can practice mantra's, one for every day of the week (explore here)
* Journal on what came up (check here the template I use )
* Move consciously to release, to open up, to receive and to let the energy flow!

Ciao for now,
xxx Martina