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For a very long time I knew exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, to scared to speak my truth, being visible and fearfull all too well. I got a wakeup call and was burned out.
This is NOT how I imagined my life to be. I was meant for more. Something had to change. I had to change. Radical change was necessary before it was too late!

And that is what I did. This pull towards greatness that I felt deep in my soul for a long time got stronger and stronger. Until one day I had this wake-up call. A paradigm shift if you will. Enough was enough. And that... that really changed everything.
Now I live the life I was meant to live. I claimed my Soul’s calling.
I said goodbye to drama, sacrificing myself for others,
giving away my powers, saying no to myself
and having a victim mentality.

I've made it my mission to support inspirational and visionary women like you to do the same.
To unleash and release the passion and become that independent woman who’s expressing her true authentic voice. A woman who knows she is destined for more and desires to conquer the world with her gifts. Who knows she has something great inside that just needs to get out.
To start living upon her dreams.

A woman who is living a fulfilled life. Authentic, proud of herself with lots of self-time just for her. Feeling worthy, excited and confident to be of a greater service to her promised people every day.

Since 2 decades I am a student of personal development, healing and energy work. I am trained as a Stylist, Children's Yoga Teacher, Thetahealing Practioner & Teacher
and currently in the process of becoming an Sacred Star Embodiment Coach.

I love nature, animals, photography, exploring new countries, travelling with my family and enjoy all the beauty that is within and around us.

Listening and acting upon the whispers within, made me emigrate from the Netherlands to Panama,
with my family of 5 and two dogs, a year ago.

There is so much to explore and you know what, everything you have done so far was important
and has made you the incredible being you are right now!

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