1001 Empowering Beliefs

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Rewire your subconscious from limiting beliefs to positive ones

Some  have never felt or experienced the energy of

certain feelings in their lives. Perhaps the person due to

childhood trauma they didn't develop these feelings or

"lost"them somewhere in the drama of this existence.

In order for a person to experience  certain feelings and emotions

such as joy, to love or to be loved by someone and what this feels like,

the person must be shown what these feelings "feel"like by the Creative Force.

By experiencing what these feelings are like we are able to bring the things we desire ans wish for in our lives and into our reality.


Empowering beliefs take place at the cellular level
using the ThetaHealing® method.


It retrains and redirects the receptors and the cells to open

new pathways in the cells to permit beneficial emotions, feelings

and new neurological connections are formed through the new beliefs.

Know that what you believe, consciously or subconsciously,
that is what you get affirmed in your daily life.