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Mentor for Deep Transformation & Healing

As a Mentor | Healer I use my Intuitive & Psychic abilities. Clear those Core Subconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Patterns. Change, shift and transform them with love, grace and ease.


I had a healing session with Martina.
To be able to deal better with my the pain in knee, which has been deformed after a horse riding accident. I felt extremely supported through the process. I was impressed at how quickly she managed to uncover some deep belief related issues with me. I made a few shifts in my belief system. Which have amazingly translated to my physical ability to work with the pain. It doesn’t overpower me anymore the way it used to. I’d highly recommend Martina. Anyone who is looking to do some solid work around shifting beliefs and mindset. 


I highly recommend sessions with Martina!
The way she works by using her pshycic gifts is warm and authenic.

I was able to transform together with Martina a lot of subsconcious beliefs. They were not serving me anymore, fears and being chronically fatigued.

Now I am truly able to live from my core and radiate my light into this world.


I have done two sessions with Martina and both sessions were incredibly special.

Both times I noticed that something was already started before the session.

Martina helps me very well to clarify, understand and solve things.

All of this led to enlightenment both times!

I see her as a coach who (literally) takes me by the hand in a loving way and guides me through certain processes.
I am already looking forward to my next session!

If you hang out with me long enough.
I'll teach you to believe in yourself.
Knowing you can achieve anything


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