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Mentor for Deep Transformation & Healing

As a Mentor | Healer I use my intuitive abilities to get to the core challenges of your subconscious blocks and patterns to change, shift and transform them

Do you want to connect more with and within yourself,

experience fulfillment and trust in your life?

To resolve subconscious beliefs that are still holding you back?
Stop sabotaging yourself any longer?

To create and live a life full of happiness, abundance and joy?


Everything you think and believe affects you and your life.

How you experience your reality stems from your conscious and unconscious beliefs.


I am convinced that you can create absolutely anything you want

- nothing is impossible -

and I am here to support you.


As a mentor & master healer I take you by the hand

and support you to choose for yourself

and make deep, long-lasting and loving transformations from within,

to start living now from your Souls Purpose.

Be Free Be Liberated Be You

If you hang out with me long enough
I'll teach you to believe in yourself and knowing
you can achieve anything



As a LITTLE GIRL I did not feel seen, heard and loved.

Whatever I did, I didn't live up to the expectations of others, didn't behave the way I should, and started to believe I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!


I felt rejected and very lonely for a long time because I had completely lost the connection with myself and the world around me. All I wanted was to be recognized and seen, loved, heard and appreciated for who and what I really was! Just be myself, that's all!

I felt that something was missing in my life.
A deep inner fulfillment and answers.
Why was I here and what was my soul purpose?
The inner journey and inner and outer search began.

Deep down I knew from a very young age that we are all MAGICAL CREATORS of our own lives and can really do anything we want, desire and dream of.
We have something important to do here with our own unique and special gifts!

Through my traumatic childhood and family systems, I learned to break free from deeply rooted patterns,
negative beliefs, blockages and to have the right discernment what was mine and wasn't.

I learned to rely on my inner wisdom, intuition and compass.
To trust what really made my heart and my soul SPARKLING and to live my life being connected to my inner wisdom and source energy.


I love personal development, awareness and everything that has to do with it!

What I offer you comes from a deep inner knowing and years of practice, personal development and continuesly selfdevelop by following trainings and in-depth courses.



xxx Martina


I had a healing session with Martina to be able to deal better with my the pain in knee, which has been deformed after a horse riding accident. I felt extremely supported through the process and was impressed at how quickly she managed to uncover some deep belief related issues with me. I made a few shifts in my belief system that seems to have amazingly translated to my physical ability to work with the pain. It doesn’t overpower me anymore the way it used to. I’d highly recommend Martina for anyone who is looking to do some solid work around shifting beliefs and mindset. 


I highly recommend sessions with Martina!
The way she works by using her pshycic gifts is warm and authenic.

I was able to transform together with Martina a lot of subsconcious beliefs that were not serving me anymore, fears and being chronically fatigued.

Now I am truly able to live from my core and radiate my light into this world.


I have done two sessions with Martina and both sessions were incredibly special, almost indescribable.

Both times I noticed that something was already started before the session.

Martina helps me very well to clarify, understand and solve things.

All of this led to enlightenment both times!

I see her as a coach who (literally) takes me by the hand in a loving way and guides me through certain processes.
I am already looking forward to my next session!

be still and you will know

Growing up in a little vilage in Italy I was always outside, surrounded by pets and wild animals.

Without realising I was able to contact, connect and communicate easily with animals.

To connect better with your animal, learn their language and know what they are trying to tell you with their physical problems and behaviour challenges contact me.


A while ago I met Martina through my dog. From the first moment we spoke I felt an instant connection, something I don't have often right away.

I have done a Mentory Trajectory with her to focys myself, finally, on what I wish and desire in my life.
I love to be around her and to learn and grow by using the Thetahealing method.
Thank you dear Martina for your open, uninhibited and pure straightforwardness!


Martina is an amazing coach and healer. She's always spot on in what I feel and am going through...and also sometimes has to stretch my emotional comfort zone a bit to get to the next level of self reflection :). She has helped me a lot, and has also done healing sessions with my dogs and horses. I would thoroughly recommend booking in a session with her. 


We adopted Taffy from Roemenia.
When we would walk her she could be aggressive to unknown men and barking to other dogs.
After one session we saw an immediate improvement of Taffy's previous behaviour.
She is know really calm and relaxed!
while an unknown waiter has given her some water.



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